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Belfast Harbour Police has a long and proud history.  For over 160 years our officers have exercised their full constabulary powers to create a safe and secure environment for all those who work, live or socialise within Belfast Harbour Estate.

In recent times the service has been strengthened and modernised to better support the challenges and opportunities arising from new security legislation and the Harbour's urban regeneration projects.

The Harbour Estate has always been home to a wide range of activities, but more recent developments such as the decline of shipbuilding and the relocation of facilities to the seaward end of the Port have opened up the possibility of providing new residential, commercial and public spaces.

This gradual evolution presents Belfast Harbour Police with one of the most exciting policing challenges in these islands, supporting a wide range of stakeholders including Port Users, tenants, residents and the general public.

The Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge in August, which, with almost 800,000 visitors, was the largest ever public event held in the Harbour Estate. Belfast Harbour Police played a pivotal role in ensuring that the event was a great success whilst being able to maintain business as usual in a busy working port.

Equality and Partnerships

BHP is fully committed to equality of opportunity in all social and economic activity, regardless of class, religious beliefs, gender, ethnicity or disability.

Belfast Harbour Police have continued to forge even stronger relationships with stakeholders, community groups and other agencies, attending events such as the Belfast Mela and Chinese New Year celebrations.  

Belfast Harbour Police continues to forge deeper and more effective working partnerships consistent with our aims to deliver an effective policing service.  We work closely with the Police Service of Northern Ireland, Department for Transport, HM Customs and Revenue and the UK Border Agency.

Belfast Harbour – A Safe Place to Work and Live

BHP's aim is to provide an effective and professional policing service for the Belfast Harbour Estate with a clear focus on crime prevention and detection to provide a safe and secure environment for all.  To deliver this aim BHP is committed to continually improve how we police in partnership and how we communicate, develop and deliver our services, our techniques, equipment, and training.  This is only possible with the assistance and support of Port Users and Harbour Estate occupants.

Law and Human Rights

The protection of human rights has always been at the core of policing and has been further developed and codified with the introduction of the Human Rights Act 1998.  BHP training programmes are designed to ensure that all our officers understand the principles of human rights and the obligations placed upon them.  This is reflected in the development of policies, planning and the day to day delivery and practice of our policing service.

BHP has full constabulary powers along with special powers granted through Belfast Harbour Commissioners' by-laws and operates in accordance with all current legislation including the Police and Criminal Evidence (NI) order 1989.   

Traffic Management and Road Safety

The Belfast Harbour Estate is serviced by almost 30 kilometers of roads. BHP aim to maintain the highest standards of road safety and ensure the free flow of the thousands of vehicles that enter and travel through Belfast Harbour each day.

International Ship and Port Security

Under the International Ship and Port Security Code 2004 BHP is responsible for the provision of policing and security measures in relation to shipping in Belfast Harbour.

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