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Skyhawk Swoops into Belfast
School children are being treated to an ‘edge-of-your-seat wildlife musical adventure’ as ‘Skyhawk’ arrives in Belfast.
October 7th 2014
A Port That Built a City
Permanent New Exhibition Opens at Belfast Harbour Office.
December 18th 2013
Alf comes from Behind the Headlines
Well loved Belfast journalist Alf McCreary recently launched his latest book, ‘Behind the Headlines’ at the Belfast Harbour Office.
December 2nd 2013
Monster Mash ‘Slips’ in to Harbour Estate
Over 21,000 people enjoyed a host of fun activities at the ‘Hallowe’en Metro Monster Mash’ in Belfast Harbour Estate last month.
November 27th 2013
Belfast Harbour is ‘green’ for go
Belfast Harbour has once again been named as one of Northern Ireland’s top ‘green’ companies in a major environmental survey.
November 27th 2013