Corporate Responsibility

What Does Corporate Responsibility Mean?

Corporate Responsibility is the management of a company's positive impact on society and the environment through its operations, products or services and through its interaction with key stakeholders such as employees, customers, investors and suppliers.

Belfast Harbour is fully committed to its corporate citizenship role and understands the importance of the Port to the City and regional economy.

Belfast Harbour's Value System

Belfast Harbour understands the importance of reaching out and engaging with local communities, providing assistance in terms of both time and money, building bridges to education and training, managing and improving our environmental impact and encouraging suppliers to also behave responsibly.  

Our Corporate Responsibility commitment is a strategic objective and forms part of Belfast Harbour's value system. There are four dimensions to Belfast Harbour's Corporate Responsibility Strategy: Employability and Skills, Building Community, Environmental Sustainability and Wellbing and Inclusivity.

Learn more about the projects Belfast Harbour has recently supported:

Employability and Skills

Building Community


Environmental Sustainability

Wellbing and Inclusivity


Belfast Harbour is not currently accepting any requests for project support and is fully commited to inititiaves in line with our Stratgy for 2020.

 Corporate Responsibility and Sponsorship Guidelines outline our selection criteria, limitations and exclusions to support.

Anyone applying for support should send the Eligibility Checker through with their proposal.


Belfast Harbour Commissioners' Modern Slavery Statement

BHC Modern Slavery Statement.pdf

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Belfast Harbour Commissioners' Responsible Business Report


Responsible Business Report Final.pdf

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