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Notices to Mariners

It is important to maintain up-to-date information to aid the navigational safety of users. Belfast Harbour communicates all such information relevant to its Harbour Limits via Notice to Mariners. 

Contact Us

Mariners are requested to contact Belfast Harbour on 02890 553016 or by e-mail at  should they have any information relating to navigational safety.

Urgent and immediate information relating to the Harbour should be passed via Belfast Harbour Radio on VHF channel 12 or via Belfast Coastguard on Ch 16.


Notice to Mariners No.6 of 2014 - Stormont Extension New Fender Installation 121.5KB Download
Notice to Mariners No.4 of 2014 - Vessel Speed and Under Keel Clearance 187.9KB Download
Notice to Mariners No.2 of 2014 - Stormont Quay Repairs 264.3KB Download
Notice to Mariners No.1 of 2014 - Annual Summary 81.9KB Download
Notice to Mariners no.10 of 2013 - Changes to Depths at D1 Berth 232.9KB Download
Notice to Mariners No.9 of 2013 - Navigational Guidelines 110.6KB Download
Notice to Mariners No.7 of 2013 - Belfast Harbour - Notification Requirements 116.4KB Download
Notice to Mariners No.2 of 2013 - VTS Traffic Organisation Service 1.1MB Download