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Corporate Departments

Over 130 employees work for Belfast Harbour across two divisions and four departments.

Commercial Department

Part of the Port Division, Belfast Harbour's Commercial Department brings together the Business Development and Port Engineering teams, who work together translating opportunities into turnkey, best in class facilities.

The Commercial Department manages the commercial relationships with the Port's customer base; works with prospective customers to explore and identify new opportuinities to develop trade; establishes the commercial charges for use of port facilities and services and is also responsible for the strategic planning and development of the port's facilities and commercial offering including Port Logistics and Transit Warehousing.

The Port Engineering team in addition to overseeing the development of facilties also have responsibility for the maintenance of services within the Harbour Estate including infrastructure, roads, water and sewerage.

Operations Department

Part of the Port Division, the Operations Department is composed of the Harbour Master's Office, the Operations Engineering Department [with responsibility for the maintenance of cranes and other equipment], the Safety & Environmental Department and the Belfast Harbour Police.

Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department is responsible for the recruitment  and selection of staff, employee induction and training.

Finance Department

Belfast Harbour's Finance Department is responsible for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Shipping, Purchasing, Provision of Management Information and Financial Controls.

Real Estate Division

The Real Estate division is responsible for the strategic planning, development and management of a wide range of development offers including office, warehousing, retail, leisure including restaurants, cafes, bars and residential. The ultimate goal is to provide high quality, expertly managed environments that allow occupiers' businesses to thrive.

Marketing Department

The Marketing & Communications Department is responsible for strategic marketing and communications for the organisation and Belfast Harbour's Corporate Responsibility Programme. The department also looks after requests for charitable donations, access to the Harbour Office and requests for filming within the Harbour Estate.