Harbour Access Pass

A Belfast Harbour Pass is required for access to Belfast Harbour in the area bounded by Dock Street, Northern Road and Seal Road, and for access to other port operational areas.

Belfast Harbour Passes are issued to ensure security and safety in compliance with Port Security (ISPS) and Health and Safety Requirements.

There are two pass types: ‘ISPS’ (Access to working quays); and ‘No Quay Access’ (issued to staff who require access to Harbour roads only).


The ISPS pass will last for five years.

The No Quay Access pass will have no expiry date.



Applications for Passes are currently free however due to rising administrative costs this will change and we will notify applicants in due course.



Before a pass can be issued you must complete the on-line Belfast Harbour safety induction, available at the link below:

After the initial registration screen you will have the option to select ‘Quay Access’ or ‘Non-Quay – Port Roads Access’.  The latter includes all office based staff who work or are based within the port area. After completing the safety induction you can then complete the on-line pass application and provide the details as requested, together with supporting information, available at the link below:



The application form has a number of roles in a drop down menu as illustrated below.

Please select the appropriate drop down option according to your role.  If you do not fall into any of the noted roles but require quay access select ‘other’.

Those requiring quay access:

  • Belfast Harbour Commissioners
  • Stevedore
  • Shipping Agent
  • Haulier
  • Port Services Provider
  • Terminal Employee
  • Other
  • Contractor (Provides work or services for or on behalf of any of the above)
  • Any public transport service provider (eg. taxi or coach operator)


Those requiring No Access to Quays at any time:

  • No Quay Access

Once your application has been submitted a set of information documents will be sent to you by e-mail including:

  • Directions on how to collect your pass
  • Guide and Conditions of Use


The pass applicant verification form must be completed by the applicants employer / sponsor and returned to the pass office by email from the manager/ employer/ sponsor verifying. If one of the above verifiers is unable to send by email, they must leave it in to the pass office in person. It is essential that requirement to access roads only or roads and quays is detailed.



Passes may only be collected by appointment. The pass office administrator will contact the applicant to advise that the pass is ready, and make arrangements for collection. Further information is contained within the pass information documents.



Access for day visitors and non-quayside goods deliveries will be provided via the intercom system without the requirement for a pass to be issued. Anyone requiring regular or permanent access will fall into the preceding arrangements as outlined above.



During the online pass application process you will be asked to  provide the registration number of your vehicle. This detail will permit Belfast Harbour to use the registration number to open barriers automatically as the car approaches, helping to make the process of entry as efficient as possible.  Should your vehicle change in the future please communicate the change including the registration number to passoffice@belfast-harbour.co.uk so that the system is kept up to date and your port entry is not delayed. 



With the issue of each pass there will be an undertaking that the pass holder will abide by all legislation, Belfast Harbour Bye Laws, rules and standards.

For further information please contact:

Pass Office
Belfast Harbour Police
Port Operations Centre
Milewater Basin
Belfast Harbour BT3 9AF

Tel: 028 9055 3021
Email: passoffice@belfast-harbour.co.uk