Belfast Harbour is a port that works hard to deliver for everyone in Northern Ireland. 

It is the region’s principal maritime gateway and logistics hub, and the fifth busiest commercial port in the UK, with 12,476 commercial shipping movements in 2022.

Belfast Harbour is essential to the smooth running of day-to-day life in Northern Ireland and is a major contributor to the local and regional economy. 

Today, Belfast Harbour handles over 24.5 million tonnes of trade every year, with 1.8 million people travelling through the port on passenger ferries. In 2022 we welcomed 141 cruise ships. Among these vessels were 50 different ships from 33 lines and 18 first time callers to Belfast.

Read more about the port, the wider Harbour Estate, and our investments in our 2022 Annual Report.

Belfast Harbour - Port


  • Turnover of £77.2m… up 5% on 2021 
  • Underlying pre-tax profit of £34.3m… up by 1% on 2021
  • £23.4m invested in port infrastructure and estate development in 2022
  • 24.5 million tonnes of cargo handled
  • 600,000 freight units handled
  • 8.7m tonnes of bulk cargo handled