Belfast Harbour is a Trust Port

Belfast Harbour is Northern Ireland’s primary gateway to the rest of the world, and the 2,000 acre Harbour Estate is home to a 760 businesses and an amazingly diverse community concentrated around Belfast’s waterfront.

As a Trust Port, all profits generated are reinvested back into the Port for the benefit of its customers, stakeholders and the development of Belfast Harbour.

For generations, Belfast Harbour has been a core asset to the local economy and despite unprecedented challenges throughout the past two years it handled a record 25.6 million tonnes of cargo in 2021, including more than 730k freight units and welcomed 1.5m passengers.


To serve as a maritime gateway for trade by operating a sustainable and world leading regional Port and investing to develop the Harbour Estate as a socially responsible key economic hub.


To be a world leading regional Port, a key economic hub for the region and an iconic waterfront for Belfast.

Belfast Harbour - Corporate


Belfast Harbour recognises that the values held by the organisation guide how we behave and the decision making process at all levels. The values stated below, therefore, are employed to validate behaviours and decisions throughout the business.


We are People-focused, Open, Responsible and Trustworthy.

Belfast Harbour - A world-leading regional port


Belfast Harbour’s innovative strategy outlines our objectives for developing a World-Leading Regional Port, creating an Iconic Waterfront for the City, and developing a Key Economic Hub. We are committed to achieving our goals by utilising the latest available digital technologies, and upholding the highest environmental standards. As a Socially Responsibly Port, delivering a positive social impact is at the heart of what we do, as we develop sustainably, and connect with our local communities.