City Quays 2

City Quays 2 is the second phase of the 10 hectare City Quays development in Belfast Harbour. City Quays 2 is a Grade A managed office block with retail at ground floor and car parking.

City Quays 2 | City Quays Two

City Quays 2 is a new office development. The Grade A office space will comprise of 8,782 square metres or 94,527 square feet, arranged over nine floors. Larger than it's five floor sister building City Quays 1, City Quays 2 offers the same flexibility of office space planning with it's column free rectilinear work spaces and is now 75% let.

City Quays 2 area plan | CQ2 map

Live Web Cam

Keep up to date with progress on site. (Image updates every 15 minutes.)

live view of City Quays Two construction | CQ2

City Quays 2 is designed to provide column free rectilinear works spaces, allowing maximum space planning efficiency and flexibility. It will feature a ground floor coffe shop and surface car parking.

Key Facts 

Open Plan - People Friendly spacesColumn free, 
open plan flexible working areas
Waterfront locationWaterfront location
City Quays CoffeeCoffee shop at ground floor level
Environmentally Friendly BuildingSustainable Design
Unrivaled data connectivityData connectivity


Floor Plans

Eighth1,058 sq.m11,388 sq.ft
Seventh1,058 sq.m11,388 sq.ft
Sixth1,058 sq.m11,388 sq.ft
Fifth1,058 sq.m11,388 sq.ft
Fourth1,058 sq.m11,388 sq.ft
Third1,058 sq.m11,388 sq.ft
Second1,058 sq.m11,388 sq.ft
First1,058 sq.m11,388 sq.ft
Ground Office318 sq.m3,423 sq.ft
Ground Retail126 sq.m1,356 sq.ft



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