Business Continuity Policy


This business continuity policy statement provides a commitment by Belfast Harbour to meet the business continuity requirements of our customers and other stakeholders by operating a business continuity management system (BCMS) that aligns with ISO 22301 :2012.


This policy applies to all divisions and functions of Belfast Harbour that deliver or support the delivery of operational services.


Business continuity management has been established to ensure that Belfast Harbour continues to deliver a minimum level of service to our key customers in the event of any disruption.

The business continuity policy provides a structure through which:

  • a comprehensive BCMS is established, maintained, tested, quality assured and promulgated;
  • key services, together with their critical processes, activities and supporting resources and Interdependencies, are identified;
  • business impact analysis and risk assessment are applied to critical processes, activities and resources;
  • business continuity objectives are set and progress towards them monitored, and plans are developed to ensure continuity of key services at a minimum acceptable level and achieve recovery within specific timeframes following disruption;

Belfast Harbour is committed to:

  • recover key services to our customers in times of disruption;
  • make best use of personnel and other resources at times when both may be scarce;
  • minimise the period of disruption to Belfast Harbour and the customers we serve;
  • improve the resilience of our infrastructure to reduce the likelihood of disruption;
  • mitigate the operational and financial impact of any disruption;
  • review and revise plans to support business continuity at regular intervals, and continuously improve the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of our Business Continuity Management System.

Policy review

This policy statement will be subject to annual review.

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