Our Status

Belfast Harbour Commissioners is the official name of the Independent Statutory Corporation which oversees the running of Belfast Harbour. It was created by the 1847 Belfast Harbour Act with the task of “operating, maintaining and improving” the Harbour. Its powers and duties have been further defined by a range of subsequent Harbour-related legislation.

Belfast Harbour is one of 100 Trust Ports in the UK and, in common with those ports, it operates commercially. Trust Ports, however, do not have any shareholders or owners and are outside the public sector. All surpluses generated by the Port are reinvested back into the business for the benefit of its stakeholders and the development of the Harbour. Stakeholders include a diverse range of groups including port customers, port tenants, local communities and the wider economy.

The day-to-day operation of Belfast Harbour is managed by a senior executive team which reports to the Board.