Sector Policing - Operational Port

Belfast Harbour Police Deploys a Sector Policing model across the Harbour Estate.

Operational Port Policing

Westbank Sector Policing Team

The Westbank Sector is a diverse and extremely busy part of the Belfast Harbour Estate.

The Westbank Sector within Belfast Harbour Police is an area compromising mainly of ferry terminals with daily sailings to both England and Scotland.
Due to the nature of Ferry and freight arrivals, the Westbank area has a high volume of both private and commercial traffic with large volumes of Heavy Goods Vehicles.   The area is also home to a substantial number of businesses of all types.

The Westbank Sector sees a steady flow of food supplies in to Northern Ireland for all major retailers.  Similarly, a high proportion of goods from across the globe, destined for both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland arrive in the Westbank Sector via the Victoria Terminal 3 Container Terminal.
Westbank Sector is also home a newly developed fully functional film studio which is currently leased to Netflix.


The Maritime Policing Team

The Maritime Policing Team is led by Sergeant William Hunter, and delivers a Community Policing Service to the Port Users and stakeholders whose business is centred on the operational dock and quay areas of Belfast Harbour. 

As qualified Police coxswains operating the new dedicated Police patrol vessel the team focuses on patrolling the waters covering the Port and the approach to the channel as well as the growing leisure craft and marina community.

Belfast Harbour’s compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) is a key element of the team’s work, and includes administering the Policing Service and Port Security Regulations at all Cruise Ship calls to Belfast Harbour. 

All Maritime Policing Team members are qualified and accredited National Police Crime Prevention Officers, and offer this service to the whole of the Belfast Harbour Community.