Flying a drone in the Belfast Harbour Estate

Important information for film crews and drone users within Belfast Harbour Estate

With advances in technology the use of drones for private or commercial use has increased considerably.

As a result a number of issues regarding the use of drones have come to light which relate to public safety, security, and privacy. As a result legislation governing the use of drones has recently come into force. Many companies and individuals are unaware of the legislation and as a result could easily find themselves subject to criminal prosecution which could result in a substantial fine and/or imprisonment.

If you would like to apply for permission to use and operate an unmanned aerial vehicle or system (Drone) within the Belfast Harbour Estate, you must complete and sign the Application Form below and also send the following documentation to publicevents@belfast-harbour.co.uk

  • CAA Certification
  • Proof of ATC approval
  • Public Liability Insurance Policy
  • Map of proposed flight path

Please be aware this process can take up to 2 weeks.

Please also note that in if your flight path includes Titanic Quarter, Titanic Belfast, Titanic Quarter Limited and Titanic Studios should also be consulted as to flight plans.

Application for Permission to use Drone

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  Download Application for Permission to use Drone

Please report any suspicious Drone activity to Belfast Harbour Police on 028 9055 3000.