Belfast Harbour Police Participate in Road Safety Week

Belfast Harbour Police Take Part in Road Safety Week 2015 (Monday 23 – Saturday 28 November 2015)

Road Safety Week is a global road safety initiative. Belfast Harbour Police, working in conjunction with external agencies, aim to take advantage of this opportunity to promote road safety and educate the public about the dangers everyone faces when using the roads.

Road Safety Week is aimed at making our roads safer for everyone including motoristsmotorcyclistscyclists and pedestrians however this year Belfast Harbour Police will be focusing specifically on tyres and windscreen washer fluid.

The Harbour Police will be actively encouraging improved driver behaviour and will be promoting this message in various ways across Belfast Harbour.

To support our message the Harbour Police will be deploying additional police resources to enforce road traffic laws and encourage all aspects of positive and safe driver behaviour.

Belfast Harbour is an evolving environment and has seen rapid growth in commercial, residential and leisure activity. Over 1 million people have visited Titanic Quarter together with approximately 25000 people who work daily in the Harbour Estate. There are approximately 8m vehicle movements per annum and there has been a highly significant increase in pedestrian numbers and a corresponding increase in cyclists. In this environment they are the persons who are most at risk.

Pedestrians and cyclists – take care of your safety

Driver behaviour – pay attention and reduce your speed

The Belfast Harbour Police encourage all who use our roads to support this initiative but also to continue in the weeks and months ahead to improve safety for all who use the roads in Belfast Harbour.