Stena Line adds new temporary ferry service between Belfast and Holyhead

A new temporary weekend service between Holyhead and Belfast starts on Friday 25th June to accommodate tourism demand

Due to heavy tourist demand on our domestic GB to Northern Ireland routes Stena Line will be operating a new temporary weekend service between Holyhead and Belfast, starting on Friday 25th June. The extra capacity on the new route from Holyhead will be available until Sunday 18 July.

Stena Estrid will again demonstrate her flexibility and operate the service which will accommodate a mix of freight and leisure traffic, with an estimated crossing time of approximately 8 hours.
Stena Line are currently experiencing very high demand on the Belfast routes to Cairnryan and Liverpool so the addition of the temporary service will provide much needed additional capacity to and from Northern Ireland. Furthermore, with present travel restrictions between Britain and Ireland in place, this new route will provide an additional travel option for people who might be considering ferry travel for the first time or who wish to visit Britain, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Lead in fares will start at £130 for a car and driver with sailings departing Holyhead at 23:30hrs (Friday and Saturday nights) and departing Belfast at 09:30hrs (Saturday and Sunday mornings).
The much-anticipated summer rebound for travel is beginning and Stena Line and tourism partners are encouraged by recent booking trends. The current travel restrictions between Britain and Ireland have created a lot of pent-up travel demand so hopefully the addition of this new route will help provide another option for people visiting friends, relatives or taking a break as well as being an attractive option for our freight customers.
This is yet another practical example of Stena Line’s business agility and flexibility in being able to quickly deploy our ships for maximum impact in terms of servicing customer and market demands. Further details to follow.