Port Investment Programme Remains on Track in 2021

Following a successful 2020, trade at Belfast Harbour remains strong, with an increase in passenger traffic on last year. This has been supported by on-going investment in the Port, including at Victoria Terminal 2 and Victoria Terminal 3.

Throughout the past year Belfast Harbour has continued our extensive programme of infrastructure investment in the cranes and terminals at the Port, and we are on track to deliver more than £65m of projects by 2023.

At the beginning of the year we completed the £16m redevelopment of the Victoria Terminal 2 (VT2) ferry ramp, which services Stena’s Belfast to Birkenhead route. This investment has enabled Stena Line to increase capacity, reduce turnaround times, improve customers’ experience and enhance connectivity to one of Northern Ireland’s key markets. We have commenced further refurbishment and extension of the VT2 passenger terminal, and have also begun work on the upgrade of the ramp at Victoria Terminal 1.

The redevelopment and retooling of our container terminal is also ongoing, with the replacement of crane and handling equipment continuing throughout the year. To date the replacement and expansion of equipment represents a £45m project, which will not only improve efficiency but will feed into our sustainability and Smart Port goals by introducing more connected, electric machinery.