Public AGM

October saw a wide range of Belfast Harbour Estate tenants, Port users and other Stakeholders gather for the Harbour’s 2013 public Annual General Meeting.

In his address to the meeting Harbour Chairman, Len O’Hagan, referenced the exceptionally good trade figures enjoyed by the Harbour in 2012 – with 19.6m tonnes handled, up 11% on the previous year.

Other positive trends included a record 4.6 million tonnes of Dry Bulk being handled – a jump of 16% – and passenger number rising by 11% to 1.4m.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr O’Hagan said:

“These successes are based upon long-term investments and an on-going diversification of the business.  It’s a strategy which has served the Harbour well over time and it’s one which the current Board has continued. I’m pleased to report that during 2012 the Harbour invested a record £47m in new projects, funded by a good financial performance which yielded profits before tax of £19.9m – up 12% on the previous year.

“In our 400th year, I trust that you will agree that Belfast Harbour is well positioned to meet the future – not just because of its on-going investment programme, but because of the commercial acumen and commitment of our Port Users.  As a Harbour Authority we can provide infrastructure and attract new industries, but ultimately, our success reflects those of the wider economy and the calibre of our customers.”