Real Estate

Belfast Harbour's real estate land holding extends to some 2,000 acres, strategically located at the focal point of the city's transport infrastructure. This land bank represents some 20% of the Belfast City area.

Property Goals

Ensure that Belfast Harbour’s real estate portfolio is utilised to secure funding streams and investment by:

• Managing the property portfolio profitably in order to generate ongoing funding
• Investing in and marketing property projects that deliver sustainable financial returns

Belfast Harbour Concourse 1 and 2
Concourse 1 and 2 at Belfast Harbour

We recognise that a key aspect of our future success as a business is intrinsically linked to the sustainable growth of the Harbour Estate. We have a vested long-term interest in the future shape of the Harbour's landscape and aim to help create an attractive and vibrant area in which people want to work, to live, to enjoy, to relax and to be part of. 

The Real Estate division is responsible for the strategic planning, development and management of a wide range of development offers, including office, warehousing, retail, leisure including restaurants, cafes, bars and residential. The ultimate goal is to provide high quality, expertly managed environments that allow occupiers' businesses to thrive. 


City Quays CGI

This is at the core of our business - from community involvement in the planning process, through development and management, the aim is to provide attractive buildings which minimise resource use and meet the needs of occupiers today and tomorrow. Our project management skills have underpinned our successful track record of carrying out regeneration projects.

Belfast Harbour's leadership is reinforced by our long-term view: we adopt business practices across our business which are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. In doing so, we aim to be the developer of choice for our partners and occupiers.  By achieving sustainability accreditations we also reduce tenant operaing costs, making the move to Belfast Harbour sustainable for them.