Perfect Chemistry for Belfast Harbour & Science Starz

Belfast Harbour has partnered with Science Starz in a bid to interest local children in science-based subjects with a view to inspiring Northern Ireland’s scientists, technicians, engineers and mathematicians of the future.

The joint enterprise sees Belfast Harbour sponsor a number of Science Starz workshops in nursery and primary schools across Belfast, with children as young as three years old participating in science-based lessons and experiments.  As an extension of Belfast Harbour’s wider commitment to supporting the harbour area’s environment, the workshops focused on topics including: Pollution at Sea, Reducing Carbon Emissions, Reducing Noise Pollution and Water Pressure.

The schools which took part are: Loughview Integrated Primary School, Strandtown Primary School and Currie Primary School.

Jenni Barkley, Belfast Harbour Communications and Corporate Responsibility Manager, said:

“Science Starz is a valuable initiative which aims to interest and excite children about the sciences, which is a terrific fit with Belfast Harbour’s ongoing commitment to supporting young people in education.  We were particularly drawn to the programme’s emphasis on the importance of being aware of and taking care of our environment, not just globally but also on a very immediate and local basis.  We are delighted to work with Science Straz to help take that message to the youngest possible audiences.”

Rose McMurrough, co-founder of Science Starz, said;

“Our team at Science Starz were extremely proud of the budding scientists from the five schools we visited. The hands-on scheme, engages with children at a higher level, encouraging a more interactive programme which in turn helps them absorb and retain information more efficiently than traditional methods.  The support we received from Belfast Harbour not only enabled our project to happen, but provided the children with important context, showing how they can affect change and make a difference within their own community and beyond.”