The 40th General Stevedoring Council’s Annual Conference comes to Belfast

60 delegates from across the world recently visited Belfast for the General Stevedoring Council’s 40th Conference. The GSC was formed to encourage a flow of ideas and cooperation between Port Authorities and Stevedores across the world in respect of improving and developing facilities and delivering world-class training for staff.

The conference was brought to Belfast for the first time in 40 years by CEO of Belfast Harbour and President of the Council, Roy Adair.

The five day conference included extensive business sessions and a tourism experience across Northern Ireland.

The business sessions addressed items such as an explanation of how the European Union works, what decisions shipping companies were making about their operations and how wind power and bio gas could become the shipping fuels of the future.

The delegates from Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, New Zealand, South Africa, Hawaii, Dubai, North America and across Europe were treated to a cultural tourism and entertainment programme which has resulted in a 100% commitment of the delegates to visit the region again.