Operating Rules

Operating Rules within Belfast Harbour


Vessels must comply with the 6 knot speed restriction and instructions issued by the office of the Harbour Master


Contact should be made to "Belfast Harbour Radio" prior to joining the shipping channel on VHF Channel 12, or 028 9044 3504 if no VHF is carried.

  • Mariners are advised that safe water channel begins 17m inside the marker beacons inside the Harbour, and 22m inside the beacons in the Victoria Channel.

  • Transit through the Harbour must be made under power with sails down.

  • All persons using the facility do so at their own risk.

  • No commercial activity except by written permission of Belfast Harbour.

  • No work to be conducted except for minor running repairs or minor maintenance.

  • No noisy, noxious or objectionable engines. As the Marina is located in a residential area, marina users are required to mitigate all noise and disturbances in the hours of darkness.

  • No discharge of noxious substances, refuse or sewage into Harbour.

  • No refuse to be left on pontoons (bins are provided on the main pontoon adjacent to the access brow).

  • Pets must be kept under control at all times and on a leash when on Belfast Harbour property. 

  • Pet-owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets on the pontoons and in the vicinity of the Marina.

  • Lifejackets should be worn on the Pontoon by children at all times and by all marina users during bad weather.

Except where otherwise directed by BHC Marina Manager, rafting is not permitted unless both rafting boats are in agreement; full fees are payable regardless of whether rafting or not.

  • As the Marina is located in a residential area, marina users are required to mitigate noise and disturbances in the hours of darkness

  • Residing on board is permissible only with Marina Manager approval and generally not for more than 5 nights

  • At all times, use of the Marina’s facilities, including allocation and usage of berths, is at the discretion and direction if necessary of the BHC Marina Manager. Marina users are required to abide these Operating Rules within Belfast Harbour.